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Channelling untapped female potential by creating actionable work opportunities.

As a social enterprise, our mission is to increase the active participation of women in the workforce. We aim to do this by creating meaningful businesses and flexible employment opportunities that integrate women along the production and supply chain.

Our story.

When founder Swati Singh learned that the women she knew and grew up with were participating in harmful product tests, she was distressed. In 2016, Swati formed the Shakti Women’s Group, a self-help group with the aim to generate employment for 10 women and to divert them away from endangering their health to earn a few rupees.

The self-help group ran numerous programs to train, support and encourage women to earn without a caveat. The group evolved to become AseemShakti. Today, we are a DIPP-recognized start-up with a mission – employment for 10,000 women by 2025. By conceptualising tailored, innovative and high-quality products and services that fulfil the unique needs of women everywhere, our endeavour is to socially and financially empower women on both ends of a sale.

Our Philosophy.

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Reimagining the workspace

Every woman seeks financial strength, but not every woman we work with can alter her circumstances to find it. The approach we take? Not just adapting but reimagining the work culture we create. Our promise is to ensure that every woman receives the flexibility and fair compensation that keeps her engaged in the workplace.

Investing in quality (wo)manpower

“According to a study by McKinsey, increasing the participation of women in the workforce by 10 percent points could add $770 bullion to India’s GDP by 2025.”


More women joining the workforce isn’t just a necessary social dynamic but one with tangible and lasting economic implications. We believe that every enterprise has an ethical and social responsibility towards all its stakeholders. At the core, our ventures are driven by the commitment to excellence and quality of our products and the people we work with. Ultimately, we have the broader vision to invest in women by empowering them with accessible opportunities of contributing to top-notch businesses through the skill of their choice.

Our Founder.


Swati Singh

Swati Singh started AseemShakti with a simple intention – to facilitate working opportunities for underprivileged women. Swati is a passionate believer in women led development and its potential to change society.

Advisory Team.

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Sanchita Ganguly

Advisory Board, Branding and Marketing

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Radhika Gupta

Advisory Board, Business Development and Partnerships


Narendra Kumar

Advisory Board, Upskilling

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